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Library Changes

The SFN Library received a few updates during the break.  With the help of almost all of our student support staff, we were able to remove over 4,000 books that were out dated and not being utilized by students.  We placed an order for newer books.  Additionally, we removed three sets of shelves to create a newly updated seating area for students.  This update was made possible with the help of the SFN OPT and funds raised from our annual FUNd Walk.  It is our goal to continue to add more new books to our library over the course of the 2018 -19 school year.  We plan on utilizing funds that we receive from hosting a Scholastic Book Fair.  This year we will have our book fair the week of Fall Parent Teacher Conferences,  October 15 - 18th.  Make sure to stop by before, after, or between conferences to see the library updates and shop at the book fair to continue to support SFN elementary!